coThe Bluffton- Harrison Metropolitan School district was organized in 1882. The school district is comprised of Harrison Township that includes a majority of the city of Bluffton, a portion of the town of Poneto, and the town of Vera Cruz. The school system includes one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school.

Information and contact information for the BHMSD administration

Alumni of BHMSD
Alumni information for past Bluffton High School graduates
Note: This website is not run by BHMSD.

Bluffton Bengal Brigade
This is a link to the Bluffton Bengal Brigade band website.

Bluffton Elementary School
Link to the elementary school website

Bluffton High School
Link to the high school website

Bluffton Middle School
Link to the middle school website

District Profile
Page that contains the BHMSD District Profile infographic, Annual Performance Review, and the IDOE Data page on BHMSD.

Dyslexia and BHMSD
Information on the Indiana Requirements for dyslexia reporting

Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School Report Card
Link to the BHES Report card on the Department of Education website.

Indiana Gateway Dashboard

Organizational Chart
A PDF copy of the BHMSD Organizational Chart

Personnel Department
Information for current and prospective employees of BHMSD

Seclusions and Restraints Policy
Direct link to the BHMSD School Board policy on seclusions and restraints.

School Board
School board member information, school board minutes, and meeting schedules

Information about technology at BHMSD: technology plans, Internet safety, and general technology information.

Title IX Information
Information on the Indiana Requirements for Title IX reporting